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{Selected) Media Coverage and Interviews
Commentator, "Putting Statistics to Work in a Land of Illusions", Wall Street Journal

Commentator, "Statistical Diplomacy in North Korea", Wall Street Journal

Commentator, "The Korean Height Gap", Wall Street Journal

Commentator, "Frigid Hospitals Cloud NKorea's Picture of Health", Associated Press

Commentator, "Morning News", Voice of America

Commentator, "More or Less, Behind the Stats", BBC Radio 4

Commentator, "North Korean Food Shortages Leave Generations Stunted", CBS News

Commentator, "Why Are South Koreans Getting Taller?", BBC World News

Commentator, "Are North Koreans Really Three Inches Shorter Than South Koreans?", BBC News Magazine

Commentator, "Fact Check: Are North Koreans 3 Inches Shorter than South Koreans?", Daily Caller News

Commentator, "Starbucks in Seoul", NBC News

Commentator, "Dunkin’ Donuts Jumps on Asia’s Coffee Craze", Boston Globe

Commentator, "Coffee, Gangnam Style", Global Coffee Review

Commentator, "N. Koreans Shorter Than S. Koreans?", TBS eFM Seoul

Commentator, "Kireur Bomyeon Joseonsidae Salmui Jiri Boinda" [Seeing the Quality of Life in Joseon Dynasty Korea Through Stature], Yonhap News Agency

Commentator, "Seoul, the Asian Capital of Plastic Surgery", German Press Agency

Commentator, "Sør-Korea Vil Bli Best På Kosmetisk Kirurgi" [South Korea Will Be The Best at Cosmetic Surgery], Aftenposten

Commentator, "Plastische Chirurgie in Suedkorea" [Plastic Surgery in South Korea], Fluter

Commentator, "Verrueckt nach Schoenheit" [Crazy About Beauty], Myself

Commentator, "Likestilling i Sør-Korea" [Equality in South Korea], Aftenposten

Commentator, "What Caused South Korean Ferry Sinking?", United Press International

Commentator, "Neues aus Nordkorea?" [News Out of North Korea?], Tagesspiegel

Commentator, "Kims Korrespondenten" [Kim's Correspondents], Magazin Kultur Korea

Commentator, "La Diaspora Coreana" [The Korean Diaspora], L'Approfondimento Quotidiano Indipendente

Commentator, "Una Frontera Que Deixa Marca al Rostre de les Coreanes" [A Border that Leaves Marks on the Face of Koreans], Ara Newspaper Barcelona

Commentator, "180lo Salaon Gimdaeli Kkalchangeul Beoseo Deonjida" [Assistant Manager Mr. Kim Who Was Living at 180 cm Takes Out Insoles and Throws Them Away], Chosun Ilbo

Interviewee, (uncredited comments on North Korean new elites and refrigerators), Quartz

Interviewee, (uncredited comments on height gaps in the two Koreas), The Economist

Interviewee, (uncredited comments on socioeconomic development in North Korea), Associated Press

Interviewee, (uncredited comments on education zeal in South Korea), Capital

Research discussed, "American Politics: An Oxford-Style Debate", The Economist

Research discussed, "Are South Koreans Really Bigger Than North Koreans?", Time

Research discussed, "Yes, South Koreans taller", PolitiFact

Research discussed, "Bukhannamjaboda Namhanyeojaga Ki Deo Keuda" [South Korean Women are Taller than North Korean Men], Chosun Ilbo

Research discussed, "Nine Charts Which Tell You All You Need to Know About North Korea", BBC World News

Research discussed, "Is North Korea the World's Most Repressive Country?", Channel 4

Research discussed, "Generation of Stunted Babies", News Corp Australia

Research discussed, "North Korea Watch", La Voz Bilingüe

Research discussed, "North and South Korea: How Different Are They?", Deutsche Welle

Research discussed, "Myths and Facts About North Korea’s Great Famine in 1990s", Asian Next News Network

Research discussed, "The US Goes Straight to Your Hips", Boston Globe

Research discussed, "Introduction to Healthcare, Humanitarian Aid and Social Assistance in the DPRK", NK News

Research discussed, "Does North Korea Have Welfare?", NK News

Research discussed, "Choegeun 100nyeon ‘Pogpung Seongjanghan Hanguginui Ki, Geu Gapaleun Sangseungeul Balabomyeo!" [The Height of Koreans Grew 'Like a Storm' Over the Last 100 Years, Look at the Rapid Rise!], TIN News

Featured, "Suedkoreas Wirtschaft: Koreaner Wollen Den Krieg Gewinnen" [South Korea's Economy: Koreans Want to Win the War], Brand Eins

Featured, "Measuring New Fields in North Korea Scholarship", NK News

Featured, "Treffen Zweier Welten" [Two Worlds Meet], KBS World Radio Germany

Featured, "Hangukgye Dogirin Daniel Jong Schwekendiek Seonggyungwandae Gyosu" [Korea-German Daniel Jong Schwekendiek Sungkyunkwan University Professor], Dong-A Ilbo

Featured, "Daniel Schwekendiek on Korea’s Incentivized Exports", EJW Audio

Featured, "Daniel Jong Schwekendiek, PhD, Named a Lifetime Achiever by Marquis Who's Who", 24-7 Press Release

Featured, "Global Campus", Sungkyunkwan University Global Newsletter

Featured, "Internationale Wirtschaftsgeschichte" [International Economic History], University of Tuebingen WiWi Economics Faculty Newsletter
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