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Books and Monographs
D. Schwekendiek (2017), South Korea: A Socioeconomic Overview from the Past to Present, London and New York: Routledge, xxxvi + 353 pages.
D. Schwekendiek (2014), The Data Atlas of South Korea: Demography, Society, Economic Activity, Paju, Seoul and Edison: Jimoondang, xvii + 262 pages.
D. Schwekendiek (2012), Korean Migration to the Wealthy West (with a foreword by Elaine H. Kim from UC Berkeley), New York: Nova, xvi + 213 pages.
D. Schwekendiek (2011), A Socioeconomic History of North Korea, Jefferson and London: McFarland, x + 173 pages.
D. Schwekendiek (2009), The Data Atlas of North Korea: Demography, Society, Economy, Seoul: Institute for Peace and Unification Studies - Seoul National University, xi + 243 pages.

(Selected) Articles in Journals [* corresponding author]
D. Schwekendiek (2021), "Human Developmental Status of South Korean Migrants in West Germany: Evidence from a Content Analysis of a Diaspora Phonebook", in: International Journal of Child Health and Human Development, 14(1), pp. 11-19.
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D. Schwekendiek (2017), "Growth Status of Korean Orphans Raised in the Affluent West: Anthropometric Trend, Multivariate Determinants, and Descriptive Comparison with Their North and South Korean Peers", in: Anthropologischer Anzeiger: Journal of Biological and Clinical Anthropology, 74(1), pp. 57-66.
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(Selected) Chapters in Edited Books
D. Schwekendiek (2016), "East Asia on the Rise: The Anthropometric History of China, Japan, and Korea", in: Oxford Handbook of Economics and Human Biology, J. Komlos, I. Kelly (eds.), New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 693-709.
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D. Schwekendiek (2014), "German Perspectives of Korea: A Historic View Suggested by a News Magazine", in: EURKOREA 2013: European Perspectives of Korea, R. Bertoni, L. Carson (eds.), Turin and Dublin: Trauben Edizioni and Trinity College Dublin, pp. 175-192.
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A. Guntupalli, D. Schwekendiek (2009), "Is it Better to Live in Rural or Urban Areas? A Worldwide Study on Child Health", in: Child Welfare Issues and Perspectives, S. Quintero (ed.), New York: Nova, pp. 77-96.
J. Baten, D. Schwekendiek (2008), "Langlebigkeit" [Longevity], in: Enzyklopaedie der Neuzeit [Encyclopedia of Early Modern History], F. Jaeger (ed.), Stuttgart: Metzler, pp. 614-616.

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